We are a dedicated team who loves to deliver products. With more than 10 years of development experience we can easily call us professional. JG Software first took of back in 2014 with the main focus of creating customer based softwares to optimize their organizations. Today we own and develope two different successful softwares, first of is Frigg which is a planning tool for the painting industries in Sweden with customers such as Sandå, Andersson & Keller and Happy Homes. The second software is called Roadside which is a software to handle, maintain and document roadside or workshop cases. Roadside handles ower 28,000 cases each year for our customers which for example is TIP Roadside Nordic, PNO Sweden AB, Jimmy Rosenqvist Transport o Verkstad AB, My French Depanneur and so on.

We also take care of customer based software development, for both small and large project. We have knowledge in PHP, NodeJS, Express, MySQL, MsSQL, Javascript, Angular, C#, C++ etc.


Personal partner

As our main focus is to keep a personal relationship to you as a customer we quickly learn about your needs, this helps us deliver more than expected.

High performing support

We know the value of a good and high performing support team, our support team work close to our products which gives us a head start when a problem accures.

True flexibility

If you are in need of just a few or several hours a month, or maybe just an hour right now, we are ready to help you right now.